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My blog – a collection of articles and posts not directly related to music news, but most likely interesting (and maybe even entertaining) to someone somewhere – hopefully…

Keith Hall Music

Just launched! I created this WordPress site for my friend, Keith Hall. He’s a drummer & educator living in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He’s using this new site to showcase his performance credits (he plays with me in my trio, TRI-FI) as well as his educational programs. He’s doing a lot of great stuff – from summer […]

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Christmas Arrangement Giveaway #4: I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day is a carol written by John Baptiste Calkin way back in 1872 to a poem written by Henry Wadworth Longfellow. I guess it’s a lesser-known carol, but it’s always been one of my favorites. It’s a short melody that I expanded with an intro, an interlude and a longer coda to record on “A TRI-FI CHRISTMAS” – plus a few jazzy solos of course…

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Helen Yee Website

Just launched! I converted Helen Yee‘s website to WordPress. She’s a multi-instrumentalist and composer here in NYC – playing violin and Chinese instruments (and occasionally a cake pan – you’ll need to visit her site for an explanation of that one). She came up with the original design and color scheme using PowerPoint – I […]

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Christmas Arrangement Giveaway #3: Let It Snow

Christmas Arrangement PDF Download

What would happen if the Jazztet’s “Killer Joe” got together with Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne’s “Let It Snow?” That’s exactly what happens in this arrangement of the seasonal classic (which we affectionately nickname “Killer Snow”). This is the version I recently recorded on “A TRI-FI Christmas.”

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Christmas Arrangement Giveaway #2: Frosty the Snowman

Happy Holidays! Once again, in the spirit of the season I’ve got more music for you. This is my arrangement of the Nelson/Rollins classic “Frosty the Snowman.” After my last lead-sheet download I had a few specific requests for this particular arrangement – the first track from the new album “A TRI-FI CHRISTMAS.”

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Christmas Trio Tour

We took time out from our TRI-FI tour in Michigan this week to visit a rainy Christmas market. You know, there is nothing like a soggy Santa to really put you in the mood for the holidays! I thought this photo was just too great not to share. Being that it is December, this weekend […]

On Tour

Christmas Arrangement Giveaway #1: O Holy Night

In the spirit of Christmas I’m giving stuff away! This is a re-harmonization/arrangement of the traditional Christmas song “O Holy Night” – as it was recorded on A TRI-FI CHRISTMAS. Except for a quick modulation in the bridge it sticks to the melody, so even your Great Aunt Millie will recognize it if you bust […]

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My New Website

This probably isn’t such new news if you’re reading this right here on my new website. I mean how can something be a surprise if you you’re reading about it here? It’s kind of like someone giving you a Christmas present with all the wrapping paper just shoved inside of the box – so you […]

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Hello World!

I built my new website in WordPress. Anyone who’s used WordPress before knows it comes with a sample post already set up – titled “Hello World!” It just seems wrong to remove it, so it’s here for your enjoyment…

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Western Michigan University

I’ve done a bit of musical work with the folks at Western Michigan University – a few concerts and clinics – and they’ve got a truly amazing program with a crop of really talented students. In this case I got to redesign their Jazz Department website. It’s another WordPress setup that has become an extensive […]

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