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Lost Time

My new trio album of original trio music is now available on vinyl or as 96K download – or stream it everywhere you listen to music.

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Wed Jul 24th

Duo with John Webber

Drip Drop Cocktail Room
Grand Rapids
Fri Aug 2nd - Sat Aug 3rd

Quartet at the Stowe Jazz Festival

Stowe Jazz Festival
Stowe, VT
Tue Aug 6th

MF Trio at Chris’ Jazz Cafe

Chris’ Jazz Cafe
1421 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA
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“The Sauce Live” with MF Trio from Merriman’s Playhouse

My trio’s recent performance at Merriman’s Playhouse will be broadcast on Monday evening on Dawn Burns‘ show “The Sauce Live” on Dawn and I also chatted a bit for a quick interview that will be included in the broadcast. Tune in on April 22, 2024 @ 7pm to hear the live broadcast (or look […]

“Live at the Bop Stop” Podcast Broadcast

A performance with my trio from last year is going to be broadcast on the award-winning Live at the Bop Stop podcast. They’ve been broadcasting select performances from the venue and our show from March 2023 will be available in their upcoming episode scheduled for Monday March 18th. The set features my good friends Carlo DeRosa (bass) and […]

Spin Cycle at Jazz in the Crawlspace on Oct 20th

We’ve got another concert in the works for our Jazz in the Crawlspace series. This time it’s a whole band of super-exciting musicians from NYC. Spin Cycle is on tour in the Midwest and we worked out a stop in Kalamazoo. They’re out presenting the music from their recent album “Spin Cycle 3” – a […]

Vocalist Emily Braden at Jazz in the Crawlspace on May 26th

I’m excited to be working with Jazz in the Crawlspace again to bring one of my favorite vocalists to Kalamazoo. I loved working with Emily Braden in NYC, and I look forward to playing with her in Chicago at the end of the month – BUT, we managed to get her to stop by Kalamazoo […]

Celebrating International Jazz Day

We threw together a “little” celebration of UNESCO’s International Jazz Day on April 30. Organized as a fundraiser for the Edison Jazz Festival’s work to create performance opportunities for local and regional musicians, we had NINE bands in TWO venues here in Kalamazoo. Made up of WMU students, WMU graduates, and local musicians, the artists […]

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