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New live recording featuring bassist Phil Palombi now available on CD or as digital download. Listen now

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Jazz in the Crawlspace presents Steve Wilson

I’m excited to be part of a team that has started a new jazz series here in my hometown of Kalamazoo, MI. Our plan is to bring in some word-class jazz artists to perform in an intimate “jazz club style” venue. First up in our series is the amazing saxophonist Steve Wilson. March 31st @ […]

New Curtis Stigers Album – THIS LIFE

I’ve been playing with Curtis Stigers for 20 years now! I’ve been all over the world with him and there are many musical stories that developed over the years (plus a few really bad running jokes…). On This Life he decided to document the new versions of his old songs that we’ve been playing in […]

Back on the Road at Last

This weekend I’m back in London for a few shows at Ronnie Scott’s jazz club in SoHo. What a strange and wonderful feeling to go back to performing after almost two years of very limited possibility. I’m here with Curtis Stigers again. Over the summer we did a few very hot outdoor shows in the […]

Great Day in the Studio

Last Friday I had an amazing day recording with John Hébert and Keith Hall at Transient Recording in Chicago. We tracked eight of my new tunes for piano trio and I must admit I’m very happy with how it all went. John and Keith both played beautifully and vibe during the session was just great. […]

Matthew Fries Trio Concert – July 20th, 2021

I’ve been doing a lot of writing in the last year or so during this pandemic lockdown. I mean, we musicians have all had a lot of free time on our hands, and I’ve been trying to put some of it to good use. Some of the music was inspired by events that happened during […]

Online Duo Concert with Andrew Rathbun

Andrew Rathbun and I will be playing some sax-piano duo in a concert for the Global Music Foundation‘s online series. These concerts feature artists from around the world and are streamed live on Zoom. Each concert is followed by an informal talk-back session. It’s a lot like a virtual house-concert with a fun, international audience of music […]

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