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November 28, 2011

Christmas Arrangement Giveaway #1: O Holy Night

In the spirit of Christmas I’m giving stuff away! This is a re-harmonization/arrangement of the traditional Christmas song “O Holy Night” – as it was recorded on A TRI-FI CHRISTMAS. Except for a quick modulation in the bridge it sticks to the melody, so even your Great Aunt Millie will recognize it if you bust it out at a Christmas party. I just hope for your sake she doesn’t try to sing along because you know how she sounds after a few glasses of homemade eggnog!

Listen to our version: O Holy Night

It’s a “lead sheet” so melody and chord changes are included.

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  1. LOVE it totally!!! You outdid Vince G. Want thid CD so badly. XXOO mama

  2. Very nice piece. I would love to hear some vocals on it (ie, Diana Krall).

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