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House Concert in Munich

Big fun on a big Steinway at a house concert in Munich, Germany. What was a free night in my schedule on my tour with Curtis Stigers turned into a wonderful way to bring together friends for an intimate concert of solo-piano music and some great conversation. Thanks for the party!

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A Tour of Steinway & Sons Factory in Hamburg

I had the opportunity to visit the Steinway & Sons factory in Hamburg yesterday while I was on tour with Curtis Stigers. A friend put me in touch with the artist relations director there and it was a short taxi ride from the hotel to the factory. I was welcomed warmly by everyone I met […]

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A Moscow Moment

One of the perks of being a working jazz musician is the travel. Many would complain this is one of the worst parts, which is technically also true because being away from family, dealing with airlines and dragging suitcases and equipment in and out of hotels can be tedious to say the least. But if […]

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Dig and Be Dug – Just Like Bill Mays

“Dig and be dug” is a phrase I use often and it’s pretty simple concept that we as jazz artists often forget about. I see it as the Golden Rule for music – do unto others as you’d have them do to you. Apply that to checking out other musicians’ playing and the concept is […]

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Christmas Trio Tour

We took time out from our TRI-FI tour in Michigan this week to visit a rainy Christmas market. You know, there is nothing like a soggy Santa to really put you in the mood for the holidays! I thought this photo was just too great not to share. Being that it is December, this weekend […]

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