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“Live at the Bop Stop” Podcast Broadcast

A performance with my trio from last year is going to be broadcast on the award-winning Live at the Bop Stop podcast. They’ve been broadcasting select performances from the venue and our show from March 2023 will be available in their upcoming episode scheduled for Monday March 18th. The set features my good friends Carlo DeRosa (bass) and […]

Music News

Spin Cycle at Jazz in the Crawlspace on Oct 20th

We’ve got another concert in the works for our Jazz in the Crawlspace series. This time it’s a whole band of super-exciting musicians from NYC. Spin Cycle is on tour in the Midwest and we worked out a stop in Kalamazoo. They’re out presenting the music from their recent album “Spin Cycle 3” – a […]

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Jazz Improvisation and Surrealism – Lecture Performance at Flint Institute of the Arts

I recently did a solo piano performance and discussed connections and similarities between the surrealist art movement and the development of jazz improvisation as part of a wonderful exhibition at the Flint Institute of Arts called Beyond Dreams: Surrealism and Its Manifestations. The exhibition featured well-known artists like Salvador Dalí, Joan Miro, and Leonora Carrington, […]

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Celebrating International Jazz Day

We threw together a “little” celebration of UNESCO’s International Jazz Day on April 30. Organized as a fundraiser for the Edison Jazz Festival’s work to create performance opportunities for local and regional musicians, we had NINE bands in TWO venues here in Kalamazoo. Made up of WMU students, WMU graduates, and local musicians, the artists […]

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Trio shows in Ohio in March

I’ll be heading out on the road for a pair of shows with my trio. I’ll be playing some of the music from the new album Lost Time, plus some new stuff I’ve been working on. Hopefully you can join us – or tell a friend!

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Dana Hall Coming to Jazz in the Crawlspace

I’m very excited that we’re bringing in the dynamic drummer Dana Hall for a concert in our jazz club theater here in Kalamazoo. He is a renowned drummer, percussionist, composer, bandleader, ethnomusicologist, and educator. This should be an exciting, swinging set of music and continues the Jazz in the Crawlspace concert series that I’ve been helping to […]

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Album Release Show in Kalamazoo – Oct 13th

I’ll be celebrating the release of my new album with a concert at the home of our Jazz in the Crawlspace series. We’ll be performing music from the recording and generally having a great time with all of you, so you should really be there! :-) Thursday, October 13th @ 7:30pm Crawlspace Comedy Theatre315 W […]

Music News

Second Single Released – Lost Time

The title track of my new album is now available – streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. I hope you’ll check it out, save it to your library, and maybe even add me as an artist so you’ll be ready when the rest of the album comes out. I’m so excited about this project. I […]

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