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I’ve been fortunate enough to do some recording with some of my favorite people. Browse the list below, listen to samples, shop online…

You can buy my music securely and directly from me right here on my website. If you’re a BandCamp user, you can also find my music and follow me on my BandCamp Artist Page.

Matthew Fries // Lost Time

The new trio album Lost Time is now available on all streaming services. Buy it right here on beautiful transparent blue vinyl or as a hi-res digital download today!

A set of original music for jazz trio with John Hébert & Keith Hall

A Few Other Places Where You Can Hear Me…

Select discography

  • Curtis Stigers – This Life (2022)
  • Kelley Suttenfield – When We Were Young: Kelley Suttenfield Sings Neil Young (2019)
  • Kat Gang – Come Closer (2018)
  • Phil Palombi – Detroit Lean (2016)
  • George Walker Petit – Emergence (2016)
  • Bob Merril – Cheerin’ Up the Universe (2016)
  • Patrick Langham – Pocket Change (2015)
  • Phil Maturano – At Home Everywhere (2014)
  • Curtis Stigers – Hooray for Love (2014)
  • Scott Cowan – Jack’s Place (2012)
  • Phil Maturano Quartet – B.A. Sessions (2011)
  • Vinson Valega Group – Biophilia (2010)
  • Jesper Dupont – Fly High (2010)
  • Curtis Stigers – Lost in Dreams (2009)
  • Louise Rogers – Come Ready and See Me (2007)
  • Curtis Stigers – Real Emotional (2007)
  • Curtis Stigers – I Think It’s Going To Rain Today (2005)
  • Gordon Johnson – TRIOS Version 3.0 (2005)
  • Paul Kendall – Rhapsody (1999)
  • Bill Mobley Big Band – Live at Smalls Vol 1. (1998)
  • Bill Mobley Big Band – Live at Smalls Vol 2. (1998)
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