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My blog – a collection of articles and posts not directly related to music news, but most likely interesting (and maybe even entertaining) to someone somewhere – hopefully…

Using Shortcode Variables in MF Gig Calendar

As of version 0.9.8 you can display more specific event information from your MF Gig Calendar WordPress plugin on any Pages or Posts by including simple variables in your short code. – display only one specific event – display events that are happening on a particular day – display a range of dates (START:END) Note: […]

MF Gig Calendar

WordPress Password-protected Page Problems

I had a few pages on my site that were password protected using WordPress’ built-in password feature. Recently it all just stopped working and it took me a while to sort it out. The WordPress feature is so easy to use – just type in what you want to be your password and save the […]

Geeky Tips

I Love Lists

It’s a fact. You just won’t get much done in your practice session unless you know what you are going to practice before you sit down at the piano. Life can be busy and practice time can be precious. I know that if I sit down at the piano without a plan I’ll start noodling […]

Practice Tips

New Curtis Stigers Website

Just launched! A brand new website for jazz singer, Curtis Stigers. This is a WordPress theme redesign that I just completed. One of the requirements in the design was a way to have music playing in the background as visitors browse pages. I didn’t want to use frames or flash (for obvious reasons) and instead […]

Web Design

A Tour of Steinway & Sons Factory in Hamburg

I had the opportunity to visit the Steinway & Sons factory in Hamburg yesterday while I was on tour with Curtis Stigers. A friend put me in touch with the artist relations director there and it was a short taxi ride from the hotel to the factory. I was welcomed warmly by everyone I met […]

On Tour

Frustration Solved: How to Loop a Playlist in JPlayer

OK. This is total geekiness, but that’s just who I am. I’ve spent the last few hours (at least!) looking for any documentation that explains how to have a playlist you create in JPlayer loop by default. I knew it had to be possible since there’s a nifty “repeat” command built right into the player. […]

Geeky Tips

TRI-FI Website

I just redesigned the website for my piano trio, TRI-FI. I tried for a more fun design style and I’ve got it set up to sell CD-quality downloads and 24bit HD audio downloads right from the website. Hopefully it will make us rich and famous – or at least “jazz famous…”

Web Design

A Moscow Moment

One of the perks of being a working jazz musician is the travel. Many would complain this is one of the worst parts, which is technically also true because being away from family, dealing with airlines and dragging suitcases and equipment in and out of hotels can be tedious to say the least. But if […]

On Tour

Dig and Be Dug – Just Like Bill Mays

“Dig and be dug” is a phrase I use often and it’s pretty simple concept that we as jazz artists often forget about. I see it as the Golden Rule for music – do unto others as you’d have them do to you. Apply that to checking out other musicians’ playing and the concept is […]

On Tour
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