MF Gig Calendar

MF Gig Calendar is a simple event calendar plugin for WordPress. I created it to list my gigs on my own music website, but since it could really be a useful tool for anyone I’ve released it into the wild of the Internet through the WordPress Repository. MF Gig Calendar lets you add a list of events to any PAGE or POST in your blog. It supports multi-day events, styled text, links, images, and more. I hope you’ll try it out and let me know what you think.

Improving Accessibility in MF Gig Calendar

Jean-Yves Poupin is a Swiss jazz pianist and is now using my MF Gig Calendar plugin for WordPress. He also happens to be blind. I’ve been in contact with his web developer and now I find myself working with him to make the plugin more accessible for his screen reader. It currently works for him […]

MF Gig Calendar

Using MF Gig Calendar with MailChimp

I’m a big fan of MailChimp and here’s yet another reason: their RSS importer for email campaigns is really great. I’ve connected that tool to the MF Gig Calendar RSS feed and have been automatically including upcoming events in emails I send out. I thought I’d put up a quick tutorial on how I did […]

MF Gig Calendar

New Shortcode Control Added in Version

Version of MF Gig Calendar is now available. The current version fixes a silly mistake I included in the previous version (thanks to Chris Meijer for catching that so quickly!). While I was tinkering I also enhanced the shortcode variables for customizing a list of events. I’ve also reworked the documentation just a bit […]

MF Gig Calendar

MF Gig Calendar Version 0.9.9 Released

I finally updated the MF Gig Calendar with a few fixes (nasty little bugs…) and a few new features: I’ve improved the way the RSS feed works, giving you the option of how much content you want to include in your feed. I’ve also added a few more shortcode variables to customize exactly what events […]

MF Gig Calendar

Using Shortcode Variables in MF Gig Calendar

As of version 0.9.8 you can display more specific event information from your MF Gig Calendar WordPress plugin on any Pages or Posts by including simple variables in your short code. – display only one specific event – display events that are happening on a particular day – display a range of dates (START:END) Note: […]

MF Gig Calendar
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