Geeky Tips

Sometimes you spend a ton of time searching the web for a specific answer to a question, or a good example of how to do something. This is my list of useful things I’ve found.

WordPress Password-protected Page Problems

I had a few pages on my site that were password protected using WordPress’ built-in password feature. Recently it all just stopped working and it took me a while to sort it out. The WordPress feature is so easy to use – just type in what you want to be your password and save the […]

Geeky Tips

Frustration Solved: How to Loop a Playlist in JPlayer

OK. This is total geekiness, but that’s just who I am. I’ve spent the last few hours (at least!) looking for any documentation that explains how to have a playlist you create in JPlayer loop by default. I knew it had to be possible since there’s a nifty “repeat” command built right into the player. […]

Geeky Tips
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