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Christmas Arrangement Giveaway #2: Frosty the Snowman

Happy Holidays! Once again, in the spirit of the season I’ve got more music for you. This is my arrangement of the Nelson/Rollins classic “Frosty the Snowman.” After my last lead-sheet download I had a few specific requests for this particular arrangement – the first track from the new album “A TRI-FI CHRISTMAS.”

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Christmas Trio Tour

We took time out from our TRI-FI tour in Michigan this week to visit a rainy Christmas market. You know, there is nothing like a soggy Santa to really put you in the mood for the holidays! I thought this photo was just too great not to share. Being that it is December, this weekend […]

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Christmas Arrangement Giveaway #1: O Holy Night

In the spirit of Christmas I’m giving stuff away! This is a re-harmonization/arrangement of the traditional Christmas song “O Holy Night” – as it was recorded on A TRI-FI CHRISTMAS. Except for a quick modulation in the bridge it sticks to the melody, so even your Great Aunt Millie will recognize it if you bust […]

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Look! It’s A Tri-Fi Christmas!

Last summer I got together with my TRI-FI bandmates, Keith Hall and Phil Palombi, and we thought, “Wow, this hot weather makes me wish it was Christmas. We should record a Christmas album!” And that’s exactly what we did. So, we set up a Kickstarter Fundraising Drive (check out the goofy video we made) and […]

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My New Website

This probably isn’t such new news if you’re reading this right here on my new website. I mean how can something be a surprise if you you’re reading about it here? It’s kind of like someone giving you a Christmas present with all the wrapping paper just shoved inside of the box – so you […]

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This is my 3rd CD of original music with the collaborative trio, TRI-FI (hence the creative title). I’m really excited about the music and the recording quality on this one. I hope you’ll check it out! We recorded at a great studio in NYC, and this new album is made up of entirely original compositions. […]

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Hello World!

I built my new website in WordPress. Anyone who’s used WordPress before knows it comes with a sample post already set up – titled “Hello World!” It just seems wrong to remove it, so it’s here for your enjoyment…

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Western Michigan University

I’ve done a bit of musical work with the folks at Western Michigan University – a few concerts and clinics – and they’ve got a truly amazing program with a crop of really talented students. In this case I got to redesign their Jazz Department website. It’s another WordPress setup that has become an extensive […]

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