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September 23, 2022

Lost Time is Available Everywhere You Listen to Music

Dear friends!

I’m so excited to let you know that my new album is now available everywhere you listen to music. I recorded it in summer 2021 and have been waiting for the opportunity to share this music with you. Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Qobuz, YouTube, you name it and I’ve got you covered!

You can also order it on my website or on Bandcamp as a high-res digital download or on beautiful transparent blue vinyl (that sounds even better than it looks).

I’m really proud of the music on this new album. I recorded it with bassist John Hébert and drummer Keith Hall in Chicago, and they bring my music to life so beautifully. It’s a collection of compositions I wrote during the heart of the pandemic lockdown – during a time when both my mother and step-father passed away. I call the album Lost Time, and the title track was specifically written in memory of my mother. Because of Covid restrictions and her dementia I missed out on the last 4-5 months of her life. Now looking back I realize the connection that flows through all the music on this album – I understand how powerfully events like this can affect our lives and how they resonate in our actions, and through our art.

Transparent blue vinyl

So really this recording is a tribute to them and moreover is a musical exploration of ways that time was lost for each of us as we dealt with all the unknowns around this pandemic – loved ones we lost, special events we missed out on, and just the general loss of awareness of knowing what day it was! Just like life, there are serious emotions and there are lighthearted moments. It’s my personal journey obviously, but I feel like it resonates in a much larger way and I hope you’ll find something in the music that speaks to your own situation – and maybe comforts or excites you.

I have a bunch of US tour dates coming up with my trio – Detroit, Toledo, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago – and hope to see you there.

Thanks for listening!

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