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July 6, 2013

MF Gig Calendar Version 0.9.9 Released

I finally updated the MF Gig Calendar with a few fixes (nasty little bugs…) and a few new features:

  • I’ve improved the way the RSS feed works, giving you the option of how much content you want to include in your feed.
  • I’ve also added a few more shortcode variables to customize exactly what events you want to display.
  • A new Swedish translastion
  • Plus a few other goodies…

Here is the current list of shortcodes – you’ll also find these on the “About” page in the plugin itself…

[mfgigcal id=event_id] – display only one specific event
[mfgigcal date=YYYY-MM-DD] – display events that are happening on a particular day
[mfgigcal range=YYYY-MM-DD:YYYY-MM-DD] – display a range of dates (START:END)
[mfgigcal days=#] – how many days of future events (including today) you want to display
[mfgigcal offset=#] – offset your list of upcoming events by a certain number of days
[mfgigcal limit=#] – limit the number of events to display
[mfgigcal title=true|false] – display the title and archive navigation – default is true
[mfgigcal rss=true|false] – display the link for the RSS feed – default is false
[mfgigcal sort=ASC|DESC] – set the order in which events are displayed – ascending (ASC) or descending (DESC) – default is ASC

MF Gig Calendar
  1. Got your bug fixed in mf_gig_calendar.php about limit and offset. The right code is:

    if ($limit ‘18576385629384657’) {
    $sql .= ” LIMIT ” . $limit;
    if ($offset) {
    $sql .= ” OFFSET ” . $offset;
    else if ($offset) {
    $sql .= ” OFFSET ” . $offset;

    The wrong code was:

    // if ($limit && $offset) {
    // $sql .= ” LIMIT ” . $offset . “,” . $limit;
    // }


    • Hi Chris. I’ll look into this and push an update. Thanks for catching it! -mf

    • Actually – you know it was even easier than that. Didn’t need the “if clause” at all since I set defaults. Silly me. This works by itself.

      $sql .= ” LIMIT ” . $limit . ” OFFSET ” . $offset;

      Updating the plugin now…

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