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July 17, 2013

New Shortcode Control Added in Version

Version of MF Gig Calendar is now available. The current version fixes a silly mistake I included in the previous version (thanks to Chris Meijer for catching that so quickly!). While I was tinkering I also enhanced the shortcode variables for customizing a list of events. I’ve also reworked the documentation just a bit to (hopefully) make it a little clearer to understand.

The current list of shortcode options…

You’ll find this same list in the “Documentation” section of the MF Gig Calendar plugin.

[mfgigcal id=event_id] – display only one specific event

[mfgigcal date=YYYY-MM-DD] – (year-month-day) display events that are happening on a particular date

[mfgigcal range=START:END] – display event within a particular date range using these accepted date-range formats:

YYYY-MM-DD – (year-month-day) display specific dates
MM-DD – (month-day) – display specific dates in the current year
today – display specific dates in relation to the current date

EXAMPLE: [mfgigcal range=01-01:today] would show a year-to-date list of events

[mfgigcal days=#] – how many days of future events (including today) you want to display
[mfgigcal offset=#] – offset your list of upcoming events by a certain number of days

[mfgigcal limit=#] – limit the number of events to display

[mfgigcal sort=ASC|DESC] – set the order in which events are displayed – ascending (ASC) or descending (DESC) – default is ASC
[mfgigcal rss=true|false] – display the link for the RSS feed – default is false
[mfgigcal link=true|false] – make the event title link to a display of only the one event – default is true

MF Gig Calendar
  1. Hi Matthew,
    Your plugin is great! Thank you for putting in the time to create and distribute it.

    I’ve updated the plugin to the latest version to make use of the new shortcodes you’ve built, but I can’t seem to get them working, even when I copy and paste directly from your documentation.

    The only one I’m trying to implement is the ascending|descending one. The dropdown setting isn’t kicking in from the admin panel when I set it to descending either. I’m not sure why… Have you encountered any problems with this?

    I’m using WP 3.5.1.

    • Hi Steve – no, I haven’t encountered any problems. That doesn’t mean there aren’t problems. I just haven’t come across them yet! Maybe something is off with what you’ve tried or what you’re expecting? So you’ve got two options on how it works.

      1. Basic shortcode: [mfgigcal]
      You can set the sort order of the archives on the settings page for the plugin. This only effects the past events – not upcoming events!

      2. Advanced settings: [mfgigcal limit=5 sort=desc]
      If you add any settings to your shortcode you’re overriding most of the default stuff and can get just the events you want to display. You can change the sort direction here by including the variable sort in your shortcode and setting it to either ASC or DESC.

      If you want to post what you’re using for a shortcode here – or email me – maybe that will shed some light on it. Thanks for checking out the plugin.

    • Thanks for your reply.
      It turns out the desc order in the settings was working as expected – I didn’t realize till now that it only affects the archive page. Thanks for the clarification!


  2. Hi Mathieuw,

    I´m trying out your plugging and I love the layout!

    I´d like to know if there is a shortcode that allows you to have the upcoming concerts and the past concerts in the same page. So that the past concerts follow the upcoming concerts, with out the need to have a navigation bar.
    I tried the shortcode: [mfgigcal range=01-01:today] and that would be perfect, the only problem is that it links the title of the event to another page, and I´d like to avoid that. I have the setting ” Do not link my event titles to individual event pages” on, but only works then for the comming events, the past event appear with link.
    I was thinking maybe it´s a problem of the shortcode?

    • Hi Eva! Sorry – I left something out of the shortcode instructions! Oops! You can add a “link” attribute to prevent the title from linking to another display:

      [mfgigcal range=01-01:today link=false]

      Editing my instructions above now… Thanks- Matthew

  3. Thanks Mettew,
    that works great! Love your pluggin!

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