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Heading to Denmark with TRI-FI

I’m off to Denmark next weekend with my trio, TRI-FI. We’ve been invited to perform at the European Double-Bass Convention. In addition to our performance at the festival we will be playing a few other fun shows while we’re there: Jazz Club Dexter in Odense (Thurs 16 Aug) A couple after-hours concerts at Jazz House […]

Music News

My Favorite Quote from a Review Ever

The Guardian in England just gave a nice review of a performance I did with Curtis Stigers. In it John Fordham offers one of the best pull-quotes I’ve ever been able to share. “Stigers’s backing musicians looked like a convention of accountants, but they delivered a blues and mainstream-swing accompaniment with engaging zest…” The full […]

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Nice Review by Chicago Jazz Music Examiner

Neil Tesser has said some nice things about me before in reviews of my work with Curtis Stigers, and even the occasional nice thing to me face to face (you know that’s a joke if you’ve ever met him). In his list of Yuletide Jazz CDs he includes A TRI-FI Christmas and has this to say:

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All About Jazz Loves A TRI-FI Christmas

Mark Corroto over at All About Jazz gave A TRI-FI Christmas a glowing review saying it just might be “this year’s finest jazz Christmas offering.” Thanks for listening and for all the nice words. Just what I need to put me in the holiday spirit! Now where’s my eggnog?

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Look! It’s A Tri-Fi Christmas!

Last summer I got together with my TRI-FI bandmates, Keith Hall and Phil Palombi, and we thought, “Wow, this hot weather makes me wish it was Christmas. We should record a Christmas album!” And that’s exactly what we did. So, we set up a Kickstarter Fundraising Drive (check out the goofy video we made) and […]

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This is my 3rd CD of original music with the collaborative trio, TRI-FI (hence the creative title). I’m really excited about the music and the recording quality on this one. I hope you’ll check it out! We recorded at a great studio in NYC, and this new album is made up of entirely original compositions. […]

Music News
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