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I do my best to keep this calendar updated with all the current happenings. You can also join my mailing list to receive an occasional announcement about new recordings, performances and other music-related news. Hope to see you at a show!

Event Information

  • Sun

    Livestream Duo Concert & Talkback

    3PM NY / 8PM LON / 9PM EUR

    Global Music Foundation

    Matthew Fries – piano
    Josh Nelson – piano

    TICKET PRICE €10.00 / £10.00 / $13.00

    This will be a different kind of duo performance. Josh is in LA and I’m in Kalamazoo, so we’ll be passing music back and forth in the Zoom setting – which is surprisingly fun for the listener AND FOR US! So come join us on our adventure. 

    It’s a lot like a virtual house concert – an intimate performance on Zoom followed by a talk-back Q&A session. I’ve found it’s a really fun way to connect with the music, the musicians and a community of music fans around the world. And while we’re not all together in one place, the participation in a performance while it is happening live brings something special to the experience. Booking closes 30 minutes before the start of concert to allow time to process payments and send passwords.

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