Matthew Fries is a joyful voice on the piano with a unique and recognizable style that is authentically rooted in the tradition of the classic jazz pianists, while still looking forward to the future of the music and the instrument.

As a composer and leader he has performed his own music extensively, recording ten albums of mostly original compositions. He has toured worldwide, appears on scores of recordings, and his work has been described as “the best jazz accompaniment I’ve seen in a cabaret in years” (The New York Times), and “the crispest rhythm section imaginable” (The London Times).

In addition to performing Matthew is also a dedicated educator and he continues to teach lessons, masterclasses, and clinics throughout the US and abroad. Since 2017 he is a proud part of the Western Michigan University faculty as Professor of Jazz Piano.

Matthew won the Great American Jazz Piano Competition and was runner-up in the American Pianists Association Jazz Piano Competition.

Recent Recordings

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Performance Video

Loup the Loup - Matthew Fries & Phil Palombi

Sun Jun 23rd

with Fred Knapp Trio

Old Goat
Grand Rapids, MI
Sun Jul 21st

Michigan Jazz Festival Solo Piano Performance

Michigan Jazz Festival
Schoolcraft College
Livonia, MI
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