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March 22, 2021

Online Duo Concert with Andrew Rathbun

Andrew Rathbun

Andrew Rathbun and I will be playing some sax-piano duo in a concert for the Global Music Foundation‘s online series. These concerts feature artists from around the world and are streamed live on Zoom. Each concert is followed by an informal talk-back session. It’s a lot like a virtual house-concert with a fun, international audience of music fans. Pour yourself a drink, enjoy a bite to eat, and tune in from your own home.

I’m fortunate to have Andrew as my colleague in the WMU jazz department. He is a powerful, creative voice on the instrument, and brings his broad compositional palette to everything he plays.

9.00 PM PARIS / 8.00 PM LON / 4.00 PM NY / 1.00PM LA

TICKET PRICE €10.00 / £10.00 / $13.00
Booking closes 30 minutes before the start of concert to allow time to process payments and send passwords.

Tickets and information is available on the GMF website:

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