Web Design

In addition to my music life, I also do some website development and design. It’s sort of a hobby that generates a tiny bit of income for me – which is nice…

POSTED: April 23, 2012

TRI-FI Website

TRI-FI Website ScreenshotI just redesigned the website for my piano trio, TRI-FI. I tried for a more fun design style and I’ve got it set up to sell CD-quality downloads and 24bit HD audio downloads right from the website. Hopefully it will make us rich and famous – or at least “jazz famous…” READ MORE

POSTED: January 6, 2012

Keith Hall Music

Keith Hall Music screenshotJust launched! I created this WordPress site for my friend, Keith Hall. He’s a drummer & educator living in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He’s using this new site to showcase his performance credits (he plays with me in my trio, TRI-FI) as well as his educational programs. He’s doing a lot of great stuff – from summer camps to after-school programs. READ MORE

POSTED: December 16, 2011 | 1 Comment

Helen Yee Website

Just launched! I converted Helen Yee‘s website to WordPress. She’s a multi-instrumentalist and composer here in NYC – playing violin and Chinese instruments (and occasionally a cake pan – you’ll need to visit her site for an explanation of that one).

She came up with the original design and color scheme using PowerPoint – I took her ideas and prettied them up just a little bit (I hope). I converted the HTML layout it into a custom WordPress theme. Now she’s got complete control of her online world. READ MORE

POSTED: November 13, 2011 | 2 Comments

My New Website

This probably isn’t such new news if you’re reading this right here on my new website. I mean how can something be a surprise if you you’re reading about it here? It’s kind of like someone giving you a Christmas present with all the wrapping paper just shoved inside of the box – so you don’t even know it’s a present until you go to use it, see the wrapping paper, and say “Hey! Is this a present?”


POSTED: June 6, 2010

Western Michigan University

I’ve done a bit of musical work with the folks at Western Michigan University – a few concerts and clinics – and they’ve got a truly amazing program with a crop of really talented students. In this case I got to redesign their Jazz Department website. It’s another WordPress setup that has become an extensive collection of information about the program, photos, videos, MP3s, etc. READ MORE