I’ve been fortunate enough to do some recording with some of my favorite people. Browse the list below, listen to samples, shop online…

Parallel States

(coming June 3, 2016)
This collection of 9 solo piano pieces was created in a collaborative project with  visual artist, Loryn Spangler-Jones. Loryn also happens to be my sister! We began with the question of what inspires us as artists, and we then tried to inspire each other directly to create new work. We sent each other samples of what we were working on and created parallel pieces inspired by what we were sent.


Staring into the Sun

Staring into the Sun(2014)
Marking 10 years of performing, composing and recording together, this is the fifth album I recorded with TRI-FI. More all-original music by the three of us: Matthew Fries (piano), Phil Palombi (bass) & Keith Hall (drums).



The debut album from (718) mixes the sounds of vintage electric piano, electric bass and drum set with modern effects to create a unique experience that is both soulful and progressive.


A Tri-Fi Christmas

A Tri-Fi Christmas - cover(2011)
Ho ho ho! The TRI-FI Christmas album features 12 holiday classics. My 4th album with this outfit – Matthew Fries (piano), Phil Palombi (bass) & Keith Hall (drums).


Tri-Fi 3 cover(2011)
Released in 2011, this is the 3rd album from TRI-FI. I’m really excited about the music and the recording quality on this one. I hope you’ll check it out! A collaborative project with Matthew Fries (piano), Phil Palombi (bass) & Keith Hall (drums). 100% original music by the three of us.


Tri-Fi Postcards cover(2007)
TRI-FI is back with more from my collaborative project – Matthew Fries (piano), Phil Palombi (bass) & Keith Hall (drums). This 2nd album from our trio features a special guest, Steve Wilson (saxophone).


Tri-Fi album cover(2005)
This self-titled release is the 1st album with my collaborative project – Matthew Fries (piano), Phil Palombi (bass) & Keith Hall (drums). We began playing together as the rhythm section for Curtis Stigers (vocals), so we asked him to be our special guest on this release.

Song for Today

Song for Today(2001 – TCB Music)
My first solo project – with Matthew Fries (piano), Gregory Ryan (bass), Vinson Valega (drums), Bill Mobley (trumpet), and Vincent Herring (saxophone). It includes a bunch of originals, plus compositions by Donald Brown, Thad Jones, James Williams and James Taylor.


 Live @ 147

Live @ 147(2000 – Just Jazz)
A live trio recording with Matthew Fries (piano), Gregory Ryan (bass) and Vinson Valega (drums). This collection of music was captured during our run of gigs at Restaurant 147 in New York City.




Additional Recordings Where You Can Hear Me…