These are my own opinions so you don’t have to agree. If you bother to read it I welcome your response and discussion. More than anything – I hope that if you’re in a state where it counts you’ll bother to vote.

We’ve all got our reasons, emotions or whatever, but I’m voting for Barack Obama because (a few reasons in no particular order)…

1. Work towards balancing the budget without stripping away funding for important social services

I don’t believe we can balance the budget by simply cutting spending. Sorry Mitt, the numbers don’t add up.

I certainly don’t believe the strength of our economy is driven by stripping away social systems. Taking away funding for education, art, health, transportation, welfare and science is not going to help anything. Especially when the economy is suffering this support needs to remain more than ever.

Romney seems to think important services like these will continue to exist fairly and for the good of our country because somebody will figure out how to make a profit off of it. That is absolutely ludicrous! Let’s figure out how to pay for what’s important as a people. Let’s use our own power to help each other. We’ve cut taxes more than enough to stimulate any economy. Reverting to some wild-west ideal of every man for himself is only being proposed by the folks who know they will sit on top, and supported by those too ignorant to believe they’re going to get squashed.

Promoting the general Welfare is in the Constitution – right there in the preamble after providing for the common defense. :-)

2. Global climate change is real and Obama is making it an issue

Hello. Category 4 hurricane storm surge conditions in NYC? Time to stop ignoring what is really happening. This is a main point that Bloomberg made today when he announced his endorsement of Obama. I’m not even talking about undoing things here – I’m talking about preparing for it. Romney has yet to even mention it and ignoring it is not going to make it go away.

3. I want “Obama-care” to remain intact – and hopefully be improved

The “Obama-care” program is already a huge compromise. The liberals gave up on a public option (something that actually would have really helped me and other self-employed folks!) in order for this to be something that more Americans could support. OK.

It’s wicked complicated but as it exists now non-partisan analysts agree it’s driving down health costs. So it’s working – sort of. If it’s not working 100% then let’s improve it! Flag-waving to repeal it completely with nothing in its place. Huh? That’s the best you can come up with? Health care costs are a real issue and doing nothing is not going to help.

4. Obama is a better word leader for our country

This one is clear – 4 years of experience on the world stage. Throughout the campaigning Romney continues to put his foot in his mouth with world issues and facts.

5. The current pressure from the religious right on the Republican party to send women back to 1950

This is huge. I don’t know how these guys ended up in bed together, but it’s plain creepy. I’m no church-goer, but what I know of the teachings of Jesus and the “every-man-for-himself-economy-above-all-else” direction of the current Republican leaders are so far from one another. Maybe it comes down to church attendance roll call?

If I hear one more woman-hating religious pundit make some ridiculous statement about pregnancy through rape being God’s will. Really? We want to roll women’s rights back to 1950? Not me. What’s next? Repeal Women’s Suffrage?

6. Who is this Romney guy anyway?

Even his own Mormons don’t endorse him. Salt Lake City – the city that loves him for saving the olympics:

He’s been all over the map backing whoever he thinks will help him. He’s gone from a über-right-wing to currently posing as some sort of moderate. Even if I didn’t already have a long list of reasons I’d be unsure exactly who I was voting for with this guy.

7. Obama would kick Romney’s ass in 1-on-1 basketball!